Sunday, April 20, 2008

Buddha - Scorpio Moon [doubled]

This is shared by a friend; I am totally in and invite you to join:

You are invited to join in a magical ritual.....

The last time this happened, the Egyptians were
building the pyramids......

Now it is our turn....

This next month, starting tonight, is astrologically
EXTREMELY special, as the full moon will appear twice
in a row in Scorpio, an event that happens about once
every few thousand years, and even rarer in this

In some traditions, this moon is called the Buddha
Moon, and we get to experience it twice!

Once in April, once in May.

In honor of the Earth's enlightenment.......

First, the astronomy part:

Every month, the full moon comes along and sits in the
zodiac sign that is opposite where the sun is. So if
the sun is in Taurus, like it is now, the moon is in
Scorpio. If the sun were in Cancer, the moon would be
in Capricorn, etc.

So every month, the sun changes zodiac signs, and the
moon goes along with it.

But not this month. This lunar cycle takes place in
Scorpio for the next 2 full moons in a row!


Ok, but what does that mean?

Well, if you are willing to get a little witchy with
me here, Scorpio is the zodiac sign that stands at
the doorway to the unseen. That is why it is the sign
of magic (and sex too in many traditions), and mystery

So essentially, if you want to ride on the
astrological bandwagon, there is an INCREDIBLE window
open for manifestation and transmutation of energy,
since scorpio moves between realms, and can transmute
poison to nectar.

Tonight is the first full moon of the pair, and the
next one is in 28 days.

So I am inviting all my friends (and your friends) to
do a daily candlelight evening meditation to manifest
our dreams, and the kind of planet we want to be
living on globally, locally, and personally. Let's
use this window right!

The commitment, if you are in, is a 10 minute seated
meditation before bed each night. In honor of the
lunar energy, we can sit each night and call upon the
kind of world we want to see for the next 28 days till
the 2nd Scorpio moon.

The idea is:

Use the time to love the Earth and bless her (Isn't it
wonderful Earth Day falls in the midst of this

And visualize peace in the war torn places, and the
environment recovering. Literally SEE it. Visualize
lots of happy green plants!

And see our government turning around in any way you
feel called.

And also see the kind of joy and love and fulfillment
you would like in your own life.

And take a moment to connect with the amazing Scorpio
full moon, the Buddha full moon of enlightenment.

This is an incredible time to work through any old
patterns that are holding us back personally and
collectively. Remember the hundredth monkey? We can
do it now....

Open to the divine light, in yourself, and in this
glorious moonlight.

Honor the moths, that you might notice are everywhere
right now. The moths are the creatures of intuition
and feminine radiance. Honoring the feminine, we are
nurtured, and loved by the Goddess.

Let's invoke the Goddess together!

Any other rituals you feel inspired to create are so
welcome, and so needed at this time. Make up your
own! Invite friends!


Please pass this along to anyone you would like to
invite into the meditation train. The more of us that
participate, the stronger the energy is of what we are

Breathe love in...... Breathe love out.....

Your friend,

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